Devon OuditVice President, Subway

    Mr. Oudit has over 15 years of management experience, having served in a number of management positions in both the manufacturing and retail industries, including five years within Prestige Holdings Limited as the Operations Manager – KFC. Over his career, he has led teams in the fields of production, quality control, supply chain, warehousing and planning as well as retail area management teams.

    He has had a particular focus on the integration of technology into business processes, including the implementation of automated robotics, forecasting tools and business analytics tools. He has also gained experience in the development and execution of a robust stewardship process to drive accountability and grow people capabilities.

    He possesses a B.Sc. Industrial Engineering – UWI (1st Class), M.Sc. Industrial and Systems Engineering – Georgia Institute of Technology, MBA – Heriot-Watt University (Distinction). He also has achieved certification in manufacturing and logistics (Georgia Institute of Technology) and in project management (Project Management Institute). He is a former national scholarship (1997) and Fulbright scholarship (2001) recipient.